Tie Bar/Nut Assemblies

Busch Precision provides a wealth of experience in selecting proper materials and designing machining specifications that will ensure maximum production life of your machine. Whether you choose a new or repair option, Busch Precision will provide a quality product.

Threading: Proper threading is equally important to the proper grade of steel, and serves three basic purposes: fastening assemblies, providing proper holding power, and adjusting alignment and tension.

Repairs: In many instances, a damaged tie bar assembly can be salvaged at a considerable savings over a replacement. Welding and machining can restore bent tie bars, and in some cases, a slightly smaller thread diameter can be machined requiring only a new mating nut.

Chromium Plating: In certain applications chromium plating can improve surface wear quality while offering protection against corrosion, which can contribute to longer tie bar life.



Tie Bar

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