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Machining & Manufacturing

Assembly & Disassembly

Our 250 ton hydraulic wheel press has the capacity of up to 72" diameter and 12' in length. For press fits, we have a freezer that can reach temperatures as low as -180°F and cranes that can lift up to 58,000 lbs.

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Computerized Schenck-Trebel dynamic balancing equipment provides certified balance reports of your required data to meet the most demanding specifications. We also provide on-site balancing of your equipment.

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Contract Manufacturing & Machining

If you need a high quality, ISO 9001:2008 certified contract manufacturer, Busch is the place to call. Read more here.

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Horizontal Boring

Our 4", 5", and 7" Giddings & Lewis Boring Bars provide diversified capabilities for your most precise accuracies and finishes on all of your standard boring, in-line boring, honing, facing, milling, drilling, and tapping projects.

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DRO equipped hydraulic drive keyseater provides a wide range of capabilities for precision accuracy, microfinish keyways, standard, taper, dovetail, and special depth and blind hole keyways in both U.S. and Metric dimensions. Keyway slot capacity up to 3.5" W and 32" L.

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Materials Handling

Huge off-street truck court for quick and convenient truck maneuvering, heavy-duty overhead cranes with 58,000 lb. lift capacity, and 48' wide bays throughout plant for safe and easy transport.

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Milling (Manual and CNC)

Two DRO equipped Kearney & Trecker and one Bridgeport mills provide precision accuracy capabilities including facing, contouring, indexing, drilling, tapping, keyway milling, slitting, oil grooving, precision boring, and compound angle milling with a work capacity to 16" W, 18" H, and 50" L.

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Two equipped, open side machines provide flexible planing capacity of 60" W x 60" H x 12' L.

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Press Fitting & Straightening

When you require parts pressed apart or installed in a housing, Busch Precision can help. Read more here.

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Surface Grinding

Work piece sizes 31.5" W x 38" H x 16' 5" L and 43" W x 38" H x 99" L, and straightness .0008" up to 16'. If you require tenth tolerances, micro-finishes, and certified accuracies, we are well equipped and qualified to meet your needs. Our machines feature CNC controls, digital readouts in millionths, cold operating chucks, temperature controlled coolant, and auxiliary grinding heads.

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Vertical Turning

DRO equipped engine lathes with swings to 41" and centers to 315" provide a broad range of capabilities, precision accuracies, and microfinishes for all of your turning, boring, tapering, contouring, and drilling jobs. These lathes include deep hole drilling of U.S., metric, acme, buttress, square, special, and multiple lead/pitch threading.

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Vibratory Stress Relief

See Machinery Repair.

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