Laser & Ballbar Calibrations

Ballbar testing takes the guesswork out of determining a machine tool’s capabilities and quickly establish its performance level – before the machine makes bad parts.

A ballbar system monitors the CNC machine tool spindle movement as it follows a programmed circular path and compares the actual machine spindle path to that of an imaginary perfect circle. The telescoping ballbar is considered by the manufacturing industry to be the most convenient, practical and comprehensive diagnostic tool available for the assessment of the actual contouring accuracies of CNC machine tools. The ballbar can observe almost every motion error that exists in the machine axes.  

Busch Precision utilizes the latest state-of-the-art Renishaw QC20-W wireless ballbar system. What this means for you is a comprehensive diagnostic report of different error values related to the dynamic and geometric performance of the machine tool. These error values are then ranked in order of percentage of total actual spindle path error. From this performance report, Busch can evalulate and make recommendations on appropriate repairs. Early error detection with the ballbar system enables optimum efficiency in the scheduling of maintenance procedures and machine tool repairs.

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Ball Bar Readout

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