Preventive Maintenance Programs

Because There's Never a Good Time for Down Time.

While we can be there when you need us, we'd rather be there before you need us.

We can help you develop a strategy to keep your machines working optimally, making good parts, and maintain reliability. Based on our 60+ years of machine tool repairs services, we have developed a three-phase approach to Preventive Maintenance:

PHASE I: Baseline Assessment

We evaluate existing documentation and customer’s expectations. We assess the level of the machine, the machine tool geometries and positioning accuracies and develop plan for corrective actions.

PHASE II: Corrective Actions

We perform corrective actions or advise the customer’s maintenance department on how to proceed. Corrective actions involve mechanical and electrical repairs, updates to control parameters, updates to compensations and reworking of ways systems.

PHASE III: Periodic On-going Certification and Adjustments

We develop a plan for periodic certifications and adjustment on an annual, semi-annual or by hours of usage basis. The ongoing assessment of machine level, position accuracies and geometric accuracies are performed by Busch or in conjunction with the customer's maintenance department.

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