Services Overview

Machinery Repair & Maintenance:

Assembly & Disassembly

Our 250 ton hydraulic wheel press has the capacity of up to 72" diameter and 12' in length. For press fits, we have a freezer that can reach temperatures as low as -180°F and cranes that can lift up to 58,000 lbs.

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CNC Control Retrofitting

Retrofitting enables users to achieve substantial increases in
productivity and flexibility without the need to purchase a new
machine. See CNC Control Retrofitting & PLC Upgrades page for more information.

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CNC Systems Integration/Upgrades

In-house engineering provides both mechanical and electrical expertise,  CNC integration, control troubleshooting, software programming, and machine tool component design. See CNC Retrofitting & PLC Upgrades page for more information.

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CNC, PLC Control Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Our engineering design and installation teams have hundreds of years of cumulative experience in diagnotistics and have completed over 1,000 projects ranging from electrical upgrades to complete machine tool rewires.

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Component Design/Repair

Busch's team of engineers and highly skilled technicians are some of the most talented in their field.

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Dynamic & Static Balancing

Computerized dynamic balancing equipment provides certified balance reports of your required data to meet the most demanding specifications.

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Emergency Machine Repairs

Contact us to discuss your problem or schedule service: (414) 362-7300. Our timely response will restore production quickly in a cost effective manner.

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Hydrostatic and Linear Guide Way Systems

Let us put our engineering expertise to work for you to create a more accurate, reliable, and easier to maintain system. Over the years we have worked with all the major linear guide way systems including INA, Sneeberger, and Tychoway.

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Machine Baseline Evaluations

Before providing our project scope for preventative maintenance, repairs, and retrofits, we perform a full baseline evaluation of your machine in order to provide the most thoughtful and accurate proposal possible.

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Machine Tool and Press Repair

We have the diagnostic experience and expertise to repair, maintain, and rebuild a wide array of process equipment. See Machinery Repair page for more information.

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Machine Tool Alignment

Take the guesswork out of determining a machine tool’s capabilities and quickly establish its performance level – before the machine makes bad parts. Read more about our high-tech ballbar testing system here.

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Materials Handling

Huge off-street truck court for quick and convenient truck maneuvering, heavy-duty overhead cranes with 58,000 lb. lift capacity, and 48' wide bays throughout plant for safe and easy transport throughout the plant.                                                                   

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On-Site Maintenance Assistance

Not enough resources to complete a maintenance project on time? Low on qualified maintenance staff? Our pros at Busch Precision can help. Read more here.

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On-Site Vibratory Analysis and Stress Relief

We use the portable Schenk SmartBalancer® to provide certified balance reports of your required data to meet the most demanding specifications. For stress relief, we use Meta-Lax® which provides consistent vibratory stress relief for metal structures and is the only process that is consistently effective in comparison to thermal stress relief.

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PLC Upgrades

See CNC Retrofitting & PLC Upgrades page.

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Precision Hand Scraping and Fitting

Busch scraping services provide the highest level of quality that centers on critical details and precision accuracy.

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Precision Way Grinding

Our machinery restores machine tool alignment to as good or better than the original machine alignments as specified by the machine tool builder by providing prompt grinding of integral or removable hardened ways on beds, saddles, tables, pallets or columns.

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Pressing and Straightening

When assembly components need press assistance for assembly or disassembly, Busch Precision is equipped to assist. Read more here.

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Preventive Maintenance Programs

Based on our 60+ years of machine tool repairs services, we have developed a three-phase approach to Preventive Maintenance. Read more about our Preventive Maintenance approach here.

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Rulon, Turcite Replacement

Rulon and Turcite way non-metallic way lining material requires replacement after it has reached it expected lifetime. In most instances machine removals are not necessary. We remove the components, rework them in our plant, re-level the machine if necessary, perform final fitting, and document the results. Careful attention is taken to evaluate the cause of premature wearing: defective way convers, defective way wipers, chip build up, improper designed and maintained lubrications systems.

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Software Programming

As authorized partners to industry leaders Siemens and FANUC, our engineers can provide you with the expertise you need to customize your technological needs.

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Spindle Repair and Custom Manufacturing

Through our strategic partnership with Gilman Precision, Busch Precision offers a wide array of spindle repair, installation, and manufacturing services. And customers in Wisconsin and Illinois can enjoy the convenience of placing a spindle repair order without the added hassle of shipping, assembly or installation processes. For more inforation download the informational PDF here or request a quote today.

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Used Machinery Inspection/Evaluation

Planning to purchase additional equipment for your production floor, but would like some outside technical council? We provide honest, thorough investigation and feedback on the additional machinery you are considering as supplement/upgrade for your production.

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Busch is equipped with several high tech arc welders, welding lathes, welding positioners and plasma arc cutters. This allows us to provide you multiple capabilities for all types of welding procedures on circumferential arc welding for shaft and bore repairs.

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